Episode 16 – Janet Gyatso, Teaching Posthumanism and Animal Ethics in Buddhist Studies


In this episode, Dr. Janet Gyatso discusses how she teaches her students about posthumanism and animal ethics in her courses on Buddhist Studies. She is the Hershey Professor of Buddhist Studies and Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs at Harvard Divinity School.


“Part of what I’m trying to do is set aside all the mythology and ideology that we have and try to see animals for what they are.” Janet Gyatso

“One way of thinking about posthumanism is to stop assuming that humans are the most important and the best species on our planet.” Janet Gyatso

“We don’t only use our rational minds, we never only use our rational minds, we always are embodied, it’s only the question of what we can foreground and be aware of.” Janet Gyatso

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Photographer: Kristie Welsh

Recorded on January 7, 2021; released May 13, 2021

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