How Do You Do It?

In this series, scholars in Buddhist Studies talk about and demonstrate how they do various tasks critical to working in our field. The series focuses on the nuts-and-bolts aspects of our work, sharing practical skills and exposing aspects of how scholarship takes place that are not easily visible in the end-products of our publications.

Frances Garrett introduces the series

Trent Walker discusses using music in Buddhist studies

Rae Dachille discusses using images in the classroom

Jack Meng-tat Chia talks about publishing a journal article

Constance Kassor shares how she organizes her time to prioritize research

Lina Verchery shows how she uses film and video

Reiko Ohnuma discusses using mind-mapping software to organize large projects

Alison Melnick Dyer discusses maintaining a consistent writing practice

Natasha Heller shares how to use Twitter as an Academic

James Benn reveals his academic workflow

Paul Hackett shows how to use various Tibetan dictionaries